Problems We Solve: Managing Inspections

As cities and counties across America continue to grow, so too does the weight of managing community development. Building and Planning departments spend an enormous amount of time every day managing inspection requests for the many construction or renovation projects in their area. Many departments are struggling with antiquated, paper-based systems for receiving and assigning inspections that require hours out of a supervisor’s day.

Improving this process can feel daunting, especially when there are so many department-specific business rules to consider. Just picking out-of-the-box software may cause more issues than it solves.  However, continuing with the “old way of doing things” is ineffective as the daily responsibilities of both supervisors and office staff pile up.

After meeting with building department staff, inspectors, and supervisors, Selectron understood there was a better solution that could save the department time, money, and effort every day. Our Project Managers and other support staff didn’t just listen to their stories, they got involved. We toured the department to better understand the processes they use managing each inspector’s schedule. For some departments, this means manually assigning hundreds of inspections each day.

Selectron was confident that with our database integration, development expertise, and on-the-ground understanding of the realities of building departments we could make better possible.

Introducing: Atlas Insight, a web-based field workforce management tool that brings all of your inspection requests into a single, map-based view. With this solution, automating routine scheduling tasks, monitoring locations, and quickly responding to emergency requests is easier than ever.

The City of Ashville, North Carolina was spending 4 hours a day assigning inspections. With Atlas Insight, they can manage the daily schedule in just one hour, giving their staff 3 extra hours to devote to other tasks. Plus, the map-based platform allows the supervisors to visualize the daily schedule more concretely. Misty Lipe, the Business Development Specialist for the city remarked, “The map is a huge feature that we have enjoyed. We are able to see where our inspectors are going and how many stops they have between jobs.”

While introducing a new system can be challenging, we designed Atlas Insight to be intuitive and user-friendly, empowering anyone who uses it to quickly grasp the functionality. David Adcock, the Development Manager from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma found that introducing Atlas Insight to his staff was a complete success.  He noted, “Any time you show someone a change to their process, they’re hesitant. Atlas Insight was one of the only changes where people liked it immediately. Here you have a program that’s so useful, and so user-intuitive, you don’t have to explain it. It does what it looks like it’ll do.”

For community development agencies struggling to maintain efficiency with continued growth, there is a solution. We offer Building and Planning departments a dynamic workforce efficiency tool that cuts hours off the workday. This map-based inspection management solution makes tracking and assigning inspections straightforward and fast.

Contact us today to discover how Atlas Insight can transform your department’s daily workflow.  



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