Product Spotlight: Atlas Inspections

Atlas Inspections is Selectron’s flagship mobile inspection application that streamlines the process of tracking, conducting and resulting field inspections. It is available across smartphones, tablets and computers, giving your inspectors ample flexibility when conducting inspections. Atlas Inspections is built for user friendliness, with configurable preferences that ensure inspections are completed efficiently and accurately without burdening inspectors or office staff.

Atlas Inspections Product Highlight

  • Purpose-designed to simplify the inspection process with a user interface that’s intuitive and easy to follow for inspectors
  • Functional online and offline—data is stored locally when a wireless connection is unavailable, and uploaded upon reconnection
  • Easily integrated with one or multiple data sources, including permitting systems, service requests, and licensing databases, to pull in all relevant inspection details and push out results, notices, images and attachments
  • Configurable to your agency’s processes, workflows and business rules

Atlas Inspections empowers inspectors to complete their inspections quickly and efficiently by:

  • Organizing work assignments for each user in a daily worklist to allow inspectors to manage their tasks at a glance
  • Offering extensive configuration options for customizable context-specific workflows to ensure inspections are completed according to any relevant regulations and business rules
  • Offering customizable checklists to guide the user through conducting the inspection

The app works seamlessly with disparate data sources to pull in all relevant assignments, rules, and customized workflows, making it adaptable for building, code enforcement, fire safety, health, and many other kinds of inspection work. This means users have all relevant inspection history, stored natively with the inspection.

When the time comes to conduct an inspection, inspectors simply use the app to log notes, capture images, and report results and attachments in real time. If the inspector is working in an area without a wireless connection, these updates are saved locally to be uploaded once the device reconnects. Beyond logging results, inspectors can generate notices, documents or reports as necessary based on the type of inspection. These results are then uploaded back to the inspection database, ensuring it remains the single source for inspection data without any extra effort for inspectors or office staff.

Atlas Inspections is simple enough to make conducting inspections intuitive, yet flexible enough to help ensure compliance in virtually any kind of inspection work. Enhanced integration capabilities make Inspections an ideal solution for any inspection management database, creating a highly adaptable tool that improves the process for both inspectors in the field and staff in the office.

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