Problems We Solve: PCI Compliance

The ongoing monitoring and security of cardholder data are crucially important for any government organization responsible for taking payments. Though many departments continue to accept cash or checks in person, collecting card payments is universal. However, taking credit card information necessitates a high level of security to protect customer data and prevent security breaches. That is where the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (or PCI DSS) comes in.

Compliance with PCI DSS is fundamentally necessary for ensuring customer data security. It involves adhering to 12 requirements to ensure cardholder data security:

  1. Use and Maintain Firewalls
  2. Proper Password Protections
  3. Two-fold Protection for Cardholder Data
  4. Encryption of Transmitted Data
  5. Use and Maintenance of Anti-Virus Software
  6. Properly Updated Software
  7. Restriction of Data Access
  8. Unique IDs for Access
  9. Restriction of Physical Access
  10. Create and Maintain Access Logs
  11. Scan and Test for Vulnerabilities
  12. Document Policies

One of the most important aspects of maintaining PCI DSS compliance is understanding how it is an ongoing process and requires on-going training. Scanning and monitoring for vulnerabilities, and mitigating risk are processes that need continual attention. With solid security strategies, IT infrastructure and efficiency are bolstered, and can more quickly respond to potential threats. However, many organizations do not have sufficient infrastructure, staff, and security resources dedicated to these protections. Dedicating the financial resources and workforce to meet these standards is crucial to prevent security gaps that a threat actor may exploit.

Choosing a Security Partner 

Working with technology partners to migrate to a cloud-based IT solution is an option many government agencies have adopted. Such a cloud-based IT solution approach helps agencies keep up with increasing cyber security threats. With a team located 100% in the US, Selectron has helped agencies of all sizes cut costs, reduce their IT and compliance footprints, and maximize data security by moving to our managed cloud.

By transitioning from on-premise to Hosted Services, Selectron helps agencies offload the considerable task of maintaining PCI DSS compliance. Our organization has deployed over 300 secure-hosted solutions for government agencies of all sizes, managing system hardware, ongoing upgrades, and platform maintenance.

Selectron manages multi-layer security, allowing organizations to support their business processes with confidence. Modern technology security is implemented in layers: it begins with training technology staff; traverses the service provider, infrastructure, and application components; and ends with critical business data and assets. Selectron takes ownership of each layer of security.

In addition to achieving PCI Compliance, both our environment and software are audited annually by a third-party qualified security assessor (QSA) that attests to our adherence to rigorous PCI published security standards and procedures. Additionally, Selectron writes all of our own payment software and achieves payment application validation through an assessment by a third-party QSA. Selectron collects high-volume payments annually on behalf of our customers, integrating with the payment services provider of their choice and updating the back office in real-time.

Supporting Your Core Values

Customer trust is extremely valuable and easily lost. Security breaches and data theft happen every day and any organization accepting card payments is vulnerable to attacks. By taking the necessary steps that prevent cyber-attacks, customers feel more confident in your organization and gain a higher level of satisfaction. Additionally, a well-protected organization doesn’t have to endure the costly consequences of a security breach, which can severely damage or even bankrupt a business.

Juggling the many components of PCI DSS compliance is an ongoing time and financial investment and will only continue to evolve with more challenges. Selectron helps clients overcome the burden of managing and maintaining data security. Through our partnership, we help your organization rededicate resources and staff towards your core mission: serving and supporting your communities.



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